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Our Projects in Development

Wikipedia of Indian Corporate and Taxation Law which will make all law accessible to the Indian Public in a very simple manner !

Imagine a CA on the very first day of his Practice has access to all collective Real Life knowledge of his seniors all he has to do is open our page.

Completely Automate Accounting and Tax Filing Services .

Make humans doing the boring grunt work a thing of the past !

Tax Hero

Our Mission to is to try to ease the pain of doing one’s taxes and make the service available to everyone.

By bringing automation and standardisation to  tax advisory we have been able to give our services on a “pay what you want model.”

Changing the World is not Easy and we rather not do it alone

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Core Services

Taxation and Regulatory

Offer Both Direct and Indirect Tax Advisory

We believe Tax Avoidance is not tax Evasion ,every tax payer should have the best opportunity to conduct business in a tax efficient manner

We specialise in ensuring Fair Department Representation with all Revenue Regulators

Assurance and Attestation

We are qualified Chartered Accountants enabled under statute to perform audits and certifications.

We offer bulk certification services on retainership basis.

Risk Advisory

Frauds are more common in business then the promoters would want to believe.

We help business develop fool-proof systems to avoid Frauds by employees.

This includes giving real time exception reporting to the business so that any unusual activity is detected immediately

We also conduct Forensic Audit which can help business tracing fund or fraud assets, identify the magnitude of fraud ,

gather evidence for legal proceedings.

Career for Interns @ Sushil Pruthi and Co.




Well, we are a 33 Years old CA Firm .

Recreational Activities

including but not limited to ,   ps3 gaming  and table tennis table ?


if you believe that India deserves a better World Ranking on  “Ease of Doing Business” than 130th ,

instead of complaining you wish to fix the system and make changes using tech and new thinking.



We strive to create a startup culture at our office with enough weekly offs ( Saturday & Sunday ) 🙂



We know you have to take coaching too , so we are cool with the weird timings .

Metro Connectivity

Easy connectivity of our office with the Delhi Metro < 5 mins walking .

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